Wildlife Removal Salt Lake City

You might be having a quiet evening watching TV and hear the blood curdling scream of your normally courageous wife shrieking as she sees and hears a rat scurrying across your kitchen floor. Even a strong manly outdoorsy man will be terrorized by this dual threat. His wife is terrified and there are one or more outdoor pests in the house. We assume that we are the bigger brained, smarter, alpha animal in the Eco-system. This is a pleasant and harmless delusion.

Animals are not dumb and whatever you try to do, they will evade and undo to get to the rich cornucopia of food called a human home. The same story can hold true for squirrels or raccoons that take up residency in your attic without paying rent.eww While we may have evolved to live in the same space, unless they pay rent, do the dishes and clean-up, they are not welcome at our house and we want to get rid of them. If you are a humane individual and do not enjoy killing animals, how can you protect yourself and your family from rats, squirrels and raccoons

Often the first impulse is to call an exterminator or pest removal service of which there are many in Salt Lake City. However, this solution is not without problems. First, it is costly and exterminators are rarely kind to the animals. They often routinely use toxic chemicals such as baits and fumigants. This is OK if you don’t mind dogs, cats and small children picking up small pellets eating them and either being dead or rushed to hospital emergency rooms.

But something must be done. Rats, squirrels and raccoons can be dangerous. They can be infected with pests and plagues that harm people. They can also bite and attack, and worse yet they can carry rabies. They can eat through plastic pipes for dishwashers or water.

Prevention is a preferable way to manage the pest problem. In the words of Mr. Mioggi of the Karate Kid the best thing to do when a punch is thrown is not to be there. If you dont want critters a house holder term of art for unwanted vermin dont let them in in the first place. You can prevent critters getting in by many simple, safe, humane steps. Go through your house top to bottom, inside and out and look for holes, loose siding, and easy access points. If you find one, I block it with steel wool or some other noxious difficult to eat through substance. Cementing over cracks in masonry is a good example.


Salt Lake City skunk removal has helped thousands of homeowners and businesses safely and humanely remove wildlife from unwanted areas since 1994. This service specializes in squirrel removal, raccoon removal, bat removal, opossum removal, bird removal, rat removal, skunk removal, bird removal and other nuisance wildlife that enter into a home or structure.

Another approach is to use repellent compounds including high sulfur strongly smelling products. These include some products which include predator urine such as lions, foxes and wolves. My experience has been that these products are expensive, wash away in the rain and smell like cat or dog piss which diminishes your enjoyment in your own home. The sulfur products smell like rotten eggs but they do work until a strong rain comes.